Youtube CPC will be very low if your videos are not properly optimized. Sometimes you will have your CPC rates as low as 0.001. This is very frustrating to see that from a decent amount of views you will make only cents. CPC in Youtube Adsense can also be optimized almost the same as on your articles. But how if search engines don’t understand videos? The answer is very simple, read on and I will show you few ways to get YouTube high CPC and hopefully earn more from your videos.

When I started to monetize my youtube channel with Google Adsense, in the first days of use, I’ve had a CPC as low as 0.001 and 0.02. Then I realized that I need to do something to increase Youtube CPC. Considering the channel was new, imagine having 1k views per day and making under 1$. That was a very low Youtube Adsense CPC. Only making 25$ in a month. I started to search on Google, Youtube, Social Media and everywhere I knew about, hoping to find ways to increase my Youtube CPC.

Truth be told, there is no set formula for a higher YouTube CPC. But there are a few key ingredients that will make your YouTube CPC higher.

Want higher Youtube CPC? Yes – I know the answer

Every video content creator want to increase their Youtube  CPC rate but many of them don’t know how to do it.

YouTube megastars like Ryan Higa, Ray William Johnson, and Bethany Mota have amassed billions of views simply through vlogging. If you don’t know them just search on google, they even have a Wikipedia page. This has almost certainly raked in seven figures or more in revenue while leading to untold opportunities outside of YouTube. These channels may all be entirely different, but share the common factor of regularly being watched by huge numbers of people. This is because they’ve stuck to at least some of the key ingredients below.

What should you do to increase Youtube CPC?

Trust me, there is no magic button to have a higher Youtube CPC. If you want a button to press and … boom: 1$-50$ CPC then this is not for you. These methods to increase CPC in Youtube requires some patience but if you spend time doing that at least spend that time doing it well. Successful YouTube channels often need more than just engaging videos to become popular.

Tip #1 to increase CPC in Youtube Adsense – Making The Most of the Metadata

A good tactic for increased Youtube CPCs is creating video content that has a  CPC focused description to increase revenue.

The metadata — title, description, keywords, and tags — are incredibly important. It’s based in large part on this data (in combination with other things) that YouTube ranks higher your videos in their search results. In other words, good metadata ensures your videos are discoverable. This is called Youtube SEO.

So, make sure you target your videos with relevant youtube high CPC keywords. But most of the people just upload the video and hit publish. The search engine doesn’t read video content – yet, so they will serve random ads based on users search history. Does not matter if your video is about “insurance firms” – Google may serve ads about shoes, gaming or, who knows, bananas maybe. Your user won’t be interested in that add and will not click it. Simple as that.

Pro Tip – Sometimes, when trying to increase Youtube CPC you may use a keyword too many times in your description and happens to get your video deleted (It happened to me also). To avoid that, include your keyword in a nice way by making a timestamp for video. Not only will help you with SEO but will also make video description more user-friendly.

When it comes to crafting your own metadata, use resources such as YouTube’s autocompleting search bar, YouTube Trends, and Google Trends to find the best keywords and tags to use. Include your most important link above the fold, as well as two sentences to describe the content within the video. If you’re so inclined, producing and publishing a transcript of your YouTube video is also a sensible move. In the image bellow, I will show you a video description that is done in the right way. This generated me 10k video views in 1 month for a brand new Youtube Channel with zero subscribers. Proper metadata = more traffic = more revenue.

Youtube high CPC keywords

So, even if you are not in a niche with Youtube CPC rates at least try to get the most of it by targeting your videos with relevant and high CPC keywords.

Tip #2 for a higher Youtube CPC – Target the right audience

But first, let me show a screenshot of some interesting fact.

CPC Youtube Adsense

It mainly depends on the keywords and country. If you have visitors from countries US, UK, and Australia then your Youtube CPC will be higher. I want you to compare tthese2 countries: Switzerland and India – 4$ compared to 350$. I think this is a huge difference. Don’t you? India traffic is hard to monetize comparing it with other countries. You should start writing on topics which are more popular in the USA, UK or Canada. A Youtube CPC of $0.04 suggests that traffic is generating from Asian countries or say India to be more precise. Unless you change it, your stats will remain the same for days to come.

Tip #3 to increase CPC in Youtube Adsense – Eliminate low CPC Youtube ads

There are few tricks from which you could boost the Adsense earnings. Many times you might have noticed even tough you are getting clicks the CPC rate is very low. The earnings per click might be just $0.01. Google Adsense has an option where you can Block Low Paying Adsense ads and Boost Earnings.

There is no guarantee that you will be getting $10 per click after doing this but definitely, you can protect from the low paying Youtube CPC Ads of $0.01.

Step 1: Login to you Google Adsense Account.

The step #2: Click on the Link Allow and Block Ads in the Main menu and select Advertiser URL’s tab.

and 3rd step: Write the Youtube Low CPC Advertisers there

The problems

Firstly, how do you know which ads are low paying? AdSense only reports on the impression share that each ad gets, not the revenue.  We do get both impression share and earnings share on a per category basis, so it is a more viable strategy if you think in terms of categories over ads.

The second problem though is that there is no way to tell what effect any category is having in terms of auction pressure.  AdSense is a second price auction. That means that the amount that the final advertiser is paying is set by the price that the next advertiser was willing to pay.  When you start removing advertisers price paid can start to tumble.

If you were to go down this path you should not just block the categories, but set it up as a category blocking experiment. That is the only way to easily tell whether you are getting the positive result you are hoping for.  I’d also recommend running that experiment continually.  Demand patterns change quickly and dramatically sometimes.  If you block categories because an experiment showed that this benefited you, the opposite could be true in a few days time.

If you end up blocking using these methods, I suggest looking at your CTC after vs before. Blocking may result in a lower CTR and end up making you less money. Or it may result in a lower but higher CPC which may result in more money. Look at these things and optimize accordingly.

Ad blocking exists for quality control reasons.  If you use it as an optimization tool keep a close eye on results and measure them frequently.


These are the tips to increase Youtube CPC that I know and are currently working. There is no magic button but if you follow them you will be less likely to see 0.01$ ads and hopefully earn more with Youtube Adsense. If you know other tips or any strategy to increase Youtube CPC please share with use in the comments.

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