Every blogger would love to have a lot of visitors and a popular blog. I loved web development, so, I bought this domain 2 years ago to start a blog in this niche. Did not focused much on blogging on that time, so, after a short period of time I quit. So, if you want to make a profitable website, you should avoid my 3 blogging mistakes

Didn’t write any article, didn’t update my blog anymore, no backlinks, NO to everything. In a short period after that, the blog DIED. No more traffic and until  approximately 3 months ago I’ve decided to start again. I’ve started my research about WordPress, on page SEO, backlinks and other blogging related stuff. Some stuff didn’t change too much but some did, mostly SEO. I’ve found that is harder to rank these days for a specific keyword. So, in this post, I will discuss 3 mistakes to avoid when you want to make a profitable website from scratch.

Blogging mistakes to avoid when you want to make a profitable website.

How to make a profitable website

Blogging Lesson #1 – Never quit

If you quit fast, then you should not even start. You heard this so many times from many famous bloggers. I did that and all your progress to the moment you quit is lost in no time. If you will have few hundred visitors per day in few months you will have none. Blogging is not a set and forget system.  Now is hard to increase your domain authority, hard to rank for keywords and hard to get traffic. This is the #1 blogging mistake: quiting to soon. When you just bought your domain, published few quality articles and started to get some visitors per day, then you sudenly quit. Never do that if you want to make a profitable website. Learn to scale that little success and in the end you will achieve your goal. Work hard and go to lesson number two.

Blogging Lesson #2 – Stay focused

When trying to build a profitable website, staying focused is the hardest part. With today’s distractions and lifestyle, is hard to stay focused on your goal. Choose your goal and run to it. Never look left/right. Post quality content, not on daily basis because where is quality then ? But at least 5+ posts per month should be ok. I posted around 4 posts per month and increased my domain authority by 10 points since refreshing this website. I also built some backlinks to my posts and shared them on social media. I’ve seen lot’s of bloggers giving advices about SEO, DA, Blogging and so on but still no change in their domain authority. Why would you give advice on how to increase DA if your authority is the same (most cases 1) in the last 3 months ?

Blogging Lesson #3 – Your blog / your passion

If you want to make a profitable website then you should focus on your passion. Is hard to make a website about something you are not interested in. You will end up making the mistake #1 – quiting. Why ? Because making money online takes time and you will lose your interest if you write about something you don’t like. Once you decided about what your website will be, the next part will be narrowing in on the keywords that you will use to build your profitable website. The entire internet is one big game of keywords and phrases. If you want to be found online, you want to ensure that your website contains keywords and phrases, which web surfers are searching with. Use the Google Keyword Tool to determine this or a better alternative is SEMRush.

Pro tip when making a profitable website !

Start your list from day one – a newsletter series is important to capture your visitor’s email addresses, build relationships with them automatically over time, and push your digital product and affiliate products for sale. Once your visitors have signed up for your newsletter, course, etc, you have your chance to wow them with free information that builds relationship and trust. You can then push your product and other affiliate products in latter issues. If you do this step right, your visitors will already be presold, or warmed up for your offer. It will be that much easier to execute the sale when the offer comes around.

On this blog, I’ve made a free WordPress theme framework in exchange for email adress. Is one of the fastest and seo optimized themes: check this GTMetrix score – 100% pagespeed and 96% Yslow score. Theme will receive a new update in the next days so make sure you don’t miss it.

Stay loved and take care.

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  • Alex July Avatar

    I’ve just read my story.
    Yes, I started my blog 1.5 years ago. No traffic, no visitors, I quit.
    But now I made a commitment to myself, and I know that I will create a profitable and popular blog in MMO niche.
    Yes, it’s difficult, but I will.
    I enjoy learning from other people’s experiences – both negative and positive.
    There are thousands of gurus on the Web, and it is difficult to find a geniune person, who would be honest. Thank you, Marian, for this post.

    1. Marian Valeriu Avatar

      I motivated myself just like you and I started to see results. Most of “gurus” promise this overnight, but I learned the hard way. Thank you for your valuable comment.

  • Melanie Smith Avatar

    This is really good info! I will share it with my friends, they’ll love it.

  • tp keane Avatar

    I so needed these lessons. I’m afraid I’m completely clueless when it comes to SEO and ranking. Great post and will def revisit again.

  • Niesha Byln Avatar
    Niesha Byln

    I think in everything you do, you should not quit. These are great tips, I want my blog to grow.

  • Rose Pingol Avatar
    Rose Pingol

    I will share this with my daughter, she is into making her blog into a profit. She will surely love your tips.

  • Karlaroundtheworld | Karla Avatar

    A lot of people end up quitting and I’m sure that when they read this, they might pull a 180. Staying focused can also mean a lot of things. So long s your niche is still in each post, you can still hook it up with trends without going anywhere far.

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