Text decorations:

  • Text abbreviation
  • Text underline
  • Text decoration SVG doodles with multiple styles
  • Tooltips (based on Bootstrap/Popper.js)
  • Popovers (based on Bootstrap/Popper.js)
  • Option to clear all block formatting with 1 click


  • Top aligned tooltip
  • Left aligned tooltip
  • Right aligned tooltip
  • Bottom aligned tooltip
  • This is a tooltip with HTML markup
  • This is a tooltip with decoration


  • Top aligned popover
  • Left aligned popover
  • Right aligned popover
  • Bottom aligned popover
  • This is a popover with HTML markup
  • This is a popover with decoration

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How to get this module?

Install it as a module from your Theme Dashboard: Appearance – Theme Options – Plugins tab.

Does this ‘module’ work as a plugin?

No, this is a module specially design to work with WeCodeArt Framework and it cannot be installed as a plugin.

Is this free or paid module?

This is a totally free module – you will not need to pay anything to use it.

I get errors with minification/caching plugins?

This plugin is loading assets on demand (only when formatting options are used on page) and tooltip/popover plugins are loaded using dynamic import. You will need to exclude their path in your plugin settings: /modules/formatting/assets/