First of all, you are here because you want to learn how to build an authority site that ranks well in search engines. But do you really know what is site authority ?
An authority site is a website that earned readers trust and has quality content. Also, overall site quality and users engagement define the authority of the site. There are two types of authority: Domain authority and page authority. Domain authority is the likelihood of a domain to rank well. Page authority is the likelihood of a page of that domain to rank well. The higher a page or a domain ranks the higher authority it has. A great tool to check website authority is MOZ Bar. With this, you can check any site Page authority and Domain authority.

How to build an authority site ?

Build An Authority Site
Build An Authority Site

This is the BIG question. I will also answer the following questions in this article:

  • What is an authority site?
  • Who can build and authority site?
  • What are the strategies to build an authority site ?
  • How to increase website authority ?
  • And some examples of authority websites maybe?

So, your primary goal is to increase domain authority as well as page authority. With this, I answered one of the questions above. Exactly, you can learn how to build an authority site for yourself. You can earn people trust by helping them with their issue when they land on your website. The best way to build an authority site is to provide information on how to solve their problem. If the user is happy with your solution, he will come back again, read more, follow you on social media. They will stay with you as long as they care about what you writing. You can compare this as a long term relationship versus one-night stand. Most of the bloggers try to make some fast money. They build a website, spam it with affiliate links and hope someone will buy from their link. On this kind of sites, most users, just visit once and never remember the site again. It works, but just for a short period of time. Building authority takes time but it provides value for users and revenue for you.

Examples of authority sites and how they built an authority site

Most people consider sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Alexa as sites with high authority. While these sites are authorities, you can also learn how to build an authority site as well. Usually, with one or two persons you can achieve that. Yes, building an authority site takes time. Here is my favorite examples of high authority site that I like:

  • – Niche: SEO. Briand Dean, CEO of this high authority site ranks number 1 for a high competitive keyword with his site: backlinks. You can learn a lot from this guy.
  • – Nice: WordPress Guides. Another great high authority site with tons of WordPress guides for beginners.

They all started from the bottom and slowly built high authority.  All domains are pretty old, have valuable high-quality content, good interlinking and more.

How they built an authority site ? They created accurate, trustworthy, detailed and valuable information. This information can be blog posts, video tutorials, infographics, reports and more. If you checked at least this 2 sites you’ve seen that  they are genuinely helpful and offer actionable advice. They also focus on one topic and they engage users. On important factor is the email list. They encourage people to join their email list. In the future, with one email they can make old user come back and visit the website. One key point is that domain age is not so important, yes, it will take some time to build an authority site, but not that much if you do it well.

Can I learn How to Increase Domain Authority ?

Build an authority site steps
Build an authority site steps

As I said, you can learn how to build an authority site. However, this model is not for everyone. But, if you take this path you need to make sure of the following:

  1. You can add value to the niche they’re about to enter
  2. You must know that you can’t do it overnight
  3. Make difference between good and crap content
  4. Build a good user experience website
  5. Know “how to’s” of SEO and online world

In order to add value to your niche and build and authority site, you need to be relevant. Choose something specific that you are passionate about. Another factor for building an authority site is the content. All content on your site should be accurate, well researched and detailed. Also, post regularly, at least few times per week. Your content should encourage users to comment and share. Learn SEO basics and contextual link building in order to build high-quality backlinks to your site and pages.

How to build an authority site – 4 Actionable Tips

Increasing site authority isn’t so hard if you do the following things well. To build an authority site you’ll need to understand your niche very well and really love it. Here are the four tips on how to build an authority site:

1. Build an authority site with links

Build Authority with links
Build Authority with links

If you want to build an authority site, you need to interlink your pages. In other words, you need to build authority for specific pages, optimizing each page for a specific set of keywords. After that, that authority is transferred to the domain. I have an article on how to build contextual links. Use keywords when linking your content and use more variations of that keyword. Build external backlinks only from relevant pages to your niche. Backlinks from high authority site add more weight to SEO.

2. Build an authority site with videos

High Authority Video Link
High Authority Video Link

The deep linking process we discussed above means that your site is an authority. You need to have as many links as you can get, as well as links from relevant high authority pages and domains. When talking about videos, the most important factor is that they improve time on page. Time on page tells search engines that your site is an authority and will rank you higher. Videos also attract links. Before creating a video, make sure you do a research. Find your competition videos, get ideas and try to make an improved version of that video. Add something better to your video. Don’t improvise, write a script and stick to it. After you are all set, make the video, edit and test it. Finally, post the video on social media. One important factor is to add a transcript of the video – on Youtube (besides title and keywords). Why ? Because it helps the search engines to better understand your video.

3. Build high authority with quality and original content

Google’s Panda update slapped almost 12% of the websites (as Google said). But Google came with a  recommended a way to build authority pages. Your post must be unique, you cannot copy and paste. This will kill your rankings. Don’t post useless stuff, short articles and content that nobody will read. Research before posting and correct any grammar error before publishing it live.

4. Build an authority site by maximizing social shares

Social signals affect ranking and authority in some way. More shares equal higher rankings. You can learn 7 Ways to Increase Your Blog Visibility with Social Sharing. If your post goes viral then you are the king. Focus to create more viral content

Final Thoughts

Of course, building an authority site takes time. Having patience is the key, quality content is the base and understanding your audience and fixing their problem is the cherry on the top of the cake. When writing a new post make sure you make a video and post it on social networks. Posts can become videos, videos can become posts and so on.

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