If you are searching for some useful on page SEO methods that still work in 2016, then you will absolutely love this checklist. Is a simple checklist with best SEO tips that can help you get more search engine traffic for every post you publish if you follow it.

1 – Nice Seo-friendly  urls

Avoid using URLs like /p=326 or super long URLs like www.example.com/2016/09/12/cat=mycat/my-long-page-url-my-long-title. These are not a good practice for SEO, you should keep it short and also include your focus keyword in the URL  www.example.com/keyword-word.  If you did not set your SEO permalinks in WordPress, you should go today and change them ( WP > Settings > Permalinks and change structure to “/%postname%/” )

2 – Start title with your keyword

Safari SEO Melbourne explains, as the title is one of the most important on-page SEO factors, you should always try to include your keyword at the start of the title, or a keyword variation at the very least. Of course, you should not make it ugly or spam the title with many keywords because this won’t help you. Keep it “human”. Also adding modifiers like guide, review, tutorial; to your title will help you boost your search traffic.

3 – Use keyword in first paragraph

Your focus keyword should appear in the first paragraph of your post. No questions asked, just follow this on page SEO tip.

4 – Avoid spamming keywords to much.

Google will punish you if you do that and people also. Keep your content for people. A keyword density of 1.5% – 2% is perfect. You can use a plugin like Yoast SEO to measure keyword density.

5 – Title should be wrapped in H1

As an important factor for on-page SEO, most WordPress themes already do that but you should check it out because of some don’t. Go ono single post, right click on the title and then click “inspect element” and see if the title is wrapped in the h1 tag. Here, on my free WordPress theme (subscribe and I will send a download link) I’ve already done that.

Onpage Seo Headings
Onpage Seo Headings

6 – H2 tags for subheadings

It is recommended to wrap subheadings in h2 tags for search engines and for making your content more beautiful and well structured for people. Also, don’t forget to place your keyword in at least one h2 subheading.

7 – Multimedia is another on page seo factor

All people love images and videos, in fact, most of the social media content is made of images and video. Consider adding some in your content, not only will make your content more beautiful but also will increase the time spent by people on your website. They love to visualize what your all talking about. Make sure you add an alt text for your images.

8 – Link your content

Just a simple on-page SEO basic tip, good for Google ranking and best for your readers. Add at least 2 links to your content, in this way you make it easy for the reader to reach some useful content that he may be interested in. Also, use outbound links, this tells Google that your post is full of quality information.

Seo Strategy Linking
Seo Strategy Linking

9 – Use LSI keywords

In a simple term, LSI Keywords are synonyms, these being used by Google to determine your post’s relevancy. Best way to do that is by going to Google Keyword Tool and start researching some related keywords. Of course, you can use LSI keywords generation tools like http://lsigraph.com/ but I prefer Google. Open a new text file and put there your researched keywords for better management and insert them in your post.

10 – Post long content

Another on page SEO tip is to post content longer than 300 words, this is the recommended minimum, however, your content should be longer than that and you should aim for more than 1000 words content. Pay attention to keyword density when increasing content length.

11 – Increase site loading speed

Google said it: Site speed is an important SEO factor. The faster, the better. You can do that by choosing a good WordPress theme that does not load your site with unused stuff. I recommend Thesis Framework and Genesis. However, you can also download WeCodeArt Framework that I’m using on my site by subscribing to my newsletter. With my theme I was able to boost my Google PageSpeed Score to 95/100 and Pingdom Score to 99% … my site is faster than 97% of tested websites. You can find Google Pagespeed Test here, Pingdom’s here and also make sure you check your site’s loading speed with GTMetrix.com. We will talk more on how to optimize your website and I will show you exactly how I did that in another article.

Pingdom WeCodeArt Score
Pingdom WeCodeArt Score

12 – Use schema.org markup

Schema.org markup is meant to enhance content blocks for search engines to categorize and display in the search engine results pages (SERP) as rich media. Schema.org markup is technically HTML wrapping of predefined tagging with contextual associations. Most high-end WordPress themes do this, also my free WordPress theme – WeCodeArt Framework do that too, plus is free.

Schema Markup On Page Seo Importance
Schema Markup On Page Seo Importance

14 – Be social

Having social sharing buttons don’t play a direct role for on-page SEO but this is a good “social SEO strategy” that will increase your content visibility and hopefully attract more visitors to your website. You should add buttons to every post.

15 – Also important onpage seo basics

Let’s keep this on page SEO guide short. Some other important SEO basics you should keep in mind are:
-post quality content, good content won’t hurt you.
-encourage blog comments
-make your content beautiful
-research before posting


So this is it, this is how I optimize my posts for on page SEO. You should definitely follow this SEO strategy if you want to see some traffic boost. Also feel free to share, comment and suggest anything. Tweet this if it helped you.

Thank for reading and hope this helped you.

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