We’re thrilled to announce a comprehensive update to our WordPress theme, packed with enhancements and new features to improve functionality and performance. Here’s a summary of the key changes:

Removals and Updates

  • Removed: The Contact Form 7 plugin installer has been remade as a module, streamlining the installation process.
  • Updated: Offcanvas, Modal, and Toast JavaScript have been upgraded to use the WP Interactivity API, significantly reducing file sizes (Offcanvas: 20kb to 3kb, Modal: 21kb to 4kb, Toast: 13kb to 3kb + 2kb module).
  • Core Blocks Enhancements:
    • Group: Collapse variation now uses the toggler.tpl.php view for improved code reusability.
    • Navigation: Simplified styles with new class modifiers and improved active state detection via object ID or matching URL.
    • Loginout: Updated to avoid duplicate IDs and improved modal title handling using block metadata.
    • Search: Now utilizes the new modal JS API.
  • Styles: hex_to_rgb function now allows alpha in hex colors.
  • Version: Returns a time string when WP_DEBUG is enabled for better debugging.

Naming Conventions

We’ve adopted BEM naming conventions for cleaner and more maintainable CSS and HTML:

  • .offcanvas is now .wp-offcanvas
  • .toast is now .wp-toast
  • .modal is now .wp-modal
  • .btn-close is now .wp-close
  • .wecodeart-forms is now .wp-forms

Fixes and Additions

  • Fixes: The protected.tpl.php layout has been updated for the input group, now using the wecodeart_input API.
  • Additions:
    • Core Group: Added offcanvas variation.
    • Toast Notifications: Introduced a toast container template with the WP Interactivity API module for creating toast notifications.
    • Debugging: New wecodeart('debug')::log($data) method for debugging PHP data in the JS console.

Performance Improvements: By switching from Bootstrap to our custom and WP Interactivity APIs, we’ve significantly reduced JS file sizes, making your site faster and more efficient.

We are confident that these updates will improve your site’s performance and offer a better user experience. Thank you for using our theme, and we look forward to your feedback!

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