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What’s new in WeCodeArt Framework 4.1.5

The new release brings more awesome features, cleaner code and bug fixes.

How to upgrade WeCodeArt Framework to 4.1.5

Existing WeCodeArt Framework users running WordPress 5.0+, PHP 5.6+, and using an HTML5 child theme will see an update prompt in the WordPress admin area. Click “update now” to update your site.

If the update prompt is missing, check that you are running WordPress 5.0+, PHP 5.6+, then go to Dashboard -> Updates and click “Check Again”.

WordPress Updates

WeCodeArt Bug Fixes

WeCodeArt 4.1.5 improves the WeCodeArt Framework with bug fixes and development tooling improvements. Check out the full changelog or read the highlights:

  • Fix: Small issue with author box Twitter URL
  • Updated: Minor improvements to Bootstrap Nav Walker
  • Updated: Major improvements to Columns/Column default blocks (added patterns with BootStrap Columns for next WP Release in March 31st)
  • Updated: CSS Improvements to Gutenberg buttons + BootStrap
  • Updated: JS Refactor + added Component/JSManager/Template as default JS + Run JS routes from main theme (class-scripts.php)
  • Updated: HighLight Color – improvements to JS based on WP Core Text Color
  • Updated: Minor CSS improvements for button
  • Updated: Markup::wrap() generate_attr usage: default context for wrappers and pass index using 3rd argument

WeCodeArt New Features

Great news, more awesome Gutenberg extensions are coming with WeCodeArt Framework 4.1.5+. Check them bellow:

  1. Lorem Ipsum Generator – developers will love this. Just type :lorem then press space and the editor will generate a paragraph for you. You can also write more “:” in front of lorem word to generate multiple paragraphs. Use :hlorem to generate headings. See the example bellow:

Lorem ipsum odor amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc luctus himenaeos adipiscing odio, tincidunt proin mauris per. Ridiculus platea non cubilia tempus lacus ligula vulputate curabitur orci. Et porttitor natoque scelerisque class odio volutpat quis gravida. Elit mollis cras ipsum, consequat vivamus orci. Commodo nullam varius faucibus quam; amet massa. Nostra netus aliquam augue fames nullam.

  1. Export Block – You can use this “plugin” to export any block in a simple JSON file. You can find it as in the image bellow:
Gutenberg Block: Export as JSON
  1. Import Block – is a simple block, found in WeCodeArt blocks category, under Gutenberg Editor. This one lets you upload any exported JSON block back into your editor. You gotta love it if you develop your site on multiple enviroments: development / production.

One more thing…

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What’s new in WeCodeArt Framework 4.1.5 ?The new release brings more awesome features, cleaner code and bug fixes.

Posted by We Code Art on Thursday, March 19, 2020
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