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What’s new in WeCodeArt Framework 3.6.1

WeCodeArt Framework 3.6.1 provides developers with new tools to make Child themes with less code and better user experience! Foundation integration has been deprecated and we are now rocking latest Bootstrap v4.3. CSS and Javascript are reduced to only starter theme needs, so, I would recommend installing a child skin and customize your own. You can either dequeue default assets or keep them. For javascript, we only load Bootstrap utils/dropdown/collapse. For CSS I recommend to use your own and deregister default styles. If you choose to keep the default JS modules in your skin you can avoid including them in the skin bundle.

New WP-Customizer Options

Custom layouts with sidebar in any position or even full width.

  • for all pages
  • for blog/blog posts pages
  • for CPT single/archive pages
  • for WooCommerce Single/Archive pages

In addition, new sortable post meta modules which can be activated/sorted/deactivated for each Custom Post type, archive page or singular pages.

Tons of hook and filters

New filters and hooks have been added. In addition, full support for new Gutenberg WP Editor. Sidebars are disabled if wide/full layouts are used in your post – for each individual post. This behavior can be disabled via filter however it may cause unwanted, ugly layouts.

A full documentation for the theme hooks/filters and features is planned to be added this summer. A long waiting time but, baby steps, right ?

New Starter Skin

Sometimes starting from scratch is too intimidating — or too time consuming.

The new WeCodeArt Starter Skin lets you jumpstart your project in seconds. Just pull from GitHub and install npm packages as you normally would, and you are ready to rock.

Some of the skin features includes:

  • Bootstrap v4.3 Out of the box
  • Gulp v4 as a task runner
  • Webpack for JS bundling (or Browserify, your choice)
  • SASS (with sample Bootstrap config)
  • WeCodeArt\Autoloader() instance for autoloading php classes
  • Assets cache busting
  • and more…

What’s Next ?

You can head over to WeCodeArt Child Skin Github repository and download it. Also, make sure you have the latest version of WeCodeArt Framework from WordPress.org. More cool updates are planned for this year as I continuously improve my skills as a WordPress developer for myZone Media.

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