WeCodeArt Framework Update 1.5.6

WeCodeArt Update GTMetrics

A week ago I sent my subscribers an email about the new WeCodeArt Framework update.

Because of some of the more significant changes, specifically with the new Update API, we’re going to release this version live, so we can locate as many issues as possible, and make 1.5.6 as stable as we can in 2 weeks period.

As always, feel free to submit any bug you’ve found via contact page on our Facebook Page or Twitter. Please spend some time with this release and help us make WeCodeArt Framework one of the best free WordPress theme.

What’s New in WeCodeArt Framework 1.5.6?

  • Updates – one click, directly from dashboard
  • Added  Inner/Content/Primary Sidebar Backgrounds Options
  • Added Tools & Libs Panel
  • Added Google Analytics. One Click GA tracking
  • JS Libraries (curently just jQuery, Appear.js and Theme Plugins for Animations)
  • CSS Libraries (curently Animate.CSS)

Along with this new features we also made some code improvements and fixes and removed the 3 shortcodes files.

How fast is WeCodeArt Framework ?

I have a demo site with a child skin here. Google Pagespeed test for the site is 95 on Desktop and 85 on mobile. While testing with Pingdom we have 100% score with a 600 ms load time. GTMetrics report says all (0.5 sec load, 100% Pagespeed and 95% YSlow Score), check the image bellow.

WeCodeArt Update GTMetrics


Where to Download WeCodeArt Framework ?

If you subscribed before 15 september to my newsletter then you have to use the download like bellow. If you subscribed in the last few days then you have the latest version.

However, here is the link to the new WeCodeArt Framework.

For news and updates about WeCodeArt Framework please subscribe on the sidebar.

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  1. Author's gravatar

    Please note: This version is released as "beta" to test any future problems with the theme update API. Next version will have an improved WP Customizer code, more lightweight and easy to add more settings to the framework. Please post in the comments any bug you have found. Thank you.

  2. Author's gravatar

    Ha, well done, your blog looks awesome. I'm afraid I cannot comment on your post as I am totally ignorant when it comes to coding.

  3. Author's gravatar

    Thank you for this great info! I have to learn more about it.

  4. Author's gravatar
    Elizabeth O.

    Looks like your subscribers and members have a lot to look forward to with this update! I think it's awesome that your keep improving what you have.

    • Author's gravatar

      There is always place for improvements. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Author's gravatar
    Niesha Byln

    What a nice update. Looks good, just keep this up.

  6. Author's gravatar
    Rose Pingol

    Oh, I can see great progress. I love your updates, hope to hear more!

  7. Author's gravatar
    Karlyn Cruz

    Oh, thanks for the updates! I am not familiar with this but looks good.

  8. Author's gravatar

    This surely sounds like a cool framework to try. Sometimes are page is a little slow but most times it's ok. Would look into this. Thanks.

  9. Author's gravatar

    Hi ! your blog looks awesome. thanks for the updates!


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