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Top 5 Web Development Frameworks Every Developer Should Know

Web development framework is an application framework which is designed for the development of web applications which includes web resources, web API’s and web services. The frameworks provide the standard platform for building and deploying web applications. It is the set of tools and resources for software developers to manage and build web services, web apps and websites. The development framework offers system-level services and creates the foundations for software developers to work with content management system for managing the content of the websites. Web frameworks are the effective platform for Web developers to make use of content management capabilities, administrative tools, and user authentication features.

So we have decided to focus on top 5 web development frameworks that perfectly fit your project.


It is the open source PHP web development framework for creating interactive web and mobile applications. It supports authorization technique, database migration, security, hashing, object-oriented libraries and many other important features Laravel provides fast routing engine that accepts the URL and closure by defining the expressive method for routes. It provides the hash password and bcrpyt hashing to prevent hackers and attackers for better security. It has a powerful tool Laravel service container for managing dependency injection. It has expressive, intuitive database ORM with simple active record implementation in the database. It is the most demanding PHP framework because of its effective features such as:

  • Laravel implements authorization technique very effectively. It provides an easy method to organize control access and authorization logic to various resources.
  • One of the important reasons to use Laravel is its object-oriented libraries which are not available in other PHP frameworks. Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries in the Laravel. It has many advanced features like password reset, Cross-site Request Forgery protection, password reset, and encryption.
  • Laravel supports MVC architecture which makes it the web development framework ensuring the improved performance with better documentation and multiple built-in functionalities.


It is the most popular web development framework written in Python Programming language. It was built in MVC model view template architecture. It has ORM object-relational mapper which helps the developer in mapping the project objects and database tables. It supports various databases like DB2, Oracle, MySQL and, SQLite. It is the high-level Python web framework that ensures rapid development and clean pragmatic designing. It is also known as the framework for perfectionists with deadlines and was originally designed for news websites. It allows the coder to develop database driven web applications without starting code from scratch. The various key features of Django framework are:

  • Django framework is based on the “batteries included philosophy”. It means you don’t require separate libraries to implement similar functionalities like URL routing, ORM, database schema migrations, authentication and templating system.
  • It provides easy to generate free Python API based on your models. Django has the robust template system that allows developers to build dynamic websites with less front-end code.
  • Django is the highly secured framework which comes with hacker’s protection against XSS attacks, CSRF attacks, SQL injections, cryptography and email header injection etc. It’s most useful feature is database migrations by which you can change the database schema in quick time and manage version control.


It is an open source full-stack JavaScript framework for developing modern mobile and web development applications. It was developed by the collaboration of various JavaScript frameworks. It has a key set of technologies for building client reactive applications. It is the collection of libraries and packages which makes the development easier with flexible code. It is highly opinionated MVC framework for NodeJS. It helps you to accelerate the development of Android, iOS and web applications. Why do developers love Meteor JS framework? The answer is:

  • It is the full stack web development framework comes with effective integration, features and support. The advantage of using Meteor is that it offers database integration to the front end framework.
  • Meteor framework is best known for its fast working and its speed comes from its libraries, ample scaffolding, and community-authored packages.
  • It has a reactive and real-time updated UI as its real-time capabilities are huge for apps like social networking sites where the user wants regular updates. It is reactive because of its refreshing data methods.


Symfony is the PHP web development framework for developing web applications and set of reusable PHP components. It consists of web utility structure and reusable libraries which were adopted by many open source platforms like Drupal and PHP etc. It is best suited for large-scale and complex projects. It helps developers to create scalable websites, faster development, easier maintainability and better security. It was ranked 3rd in the popularity after Laravel and CodeIgniter. The Symfony framework features which can support your project during web development as:

  • It offers high flexibility with two most technological benefits as Bundles and Components. The bundle is similar to the plugin as the package of files like PHP files, stylesheets, JavaScripts etc. The benefit of using bundle is that we can reconfigure and reuse them for many applications.
  • It is one of the few frameworks that are commercially supported by Sensio Labs. They provide the official tutorials and certifications.
  • Symfony has proven its reliability as compared to many popular frameworks. It is highly reliable for Magento, phpBB, Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish. It also allows easy testing to each line of code. The reusing of bundles creates the design pattern for better testing.


CakePHP is the rapid web development framework written in PHP Programming language. It uses the variety of design patterns like Front controller, Data Mapping, and MVC pattern. Its primary aim is to provide the structured framework for PHP users for developing robust web applications. The biggest advantages of using CakePHP are its detailed documentation and practical guides which helps the developer to code easily. There are many other important features CakePHP offers as:

  • It follows up the MVC pattern which supports data handling with model class. You can insert, delete, update and read data from the databases. It also supports data rendering on the screen and controller processes, responds to events.
  • Another supportive feature for web developers is the ORM- Object Relational Mapping which is a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in databases.
  • Crud scaffolding is another feature of CakePHP web development platform which is extremely helpful for the developers. One single line of code can show you the preliminary view of your applications.

These are some best web development frameworks you can work for your project. While finalizing your frameworks, keep in mind the functionality utilized by web developers for particular scenario. During the selection of best frameworks for your web project, you can hire FiCODE – web development company London. They focused on delivering the best solution for small, medium and large business as per the requirement.

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