Sensory Language: The Power of Sensory Words in Business Writing

Using sensory words is a way for a writer to help the reader see or connect with an image, description, action, or scene. When it comes to business, sensory language is a powerful tool to persuade your readers to do what you want. Basically, sensory language writing connects the five humans senses in order to help the reader to imagine a description, scene, action or image. You may think that sensory words are only for artists like poets for example. That’s totally false. You have to take advantage of sensory language in order to captivate your business audience. Creating an image with sensory words draws the reader close to you. These words add a bit of flavor to your writing. This guide will teach you how to make your writing pop by using sensory details.Let me explain what I mean!

Sensory Language
Sensory Language

What are sensory words and how to use sensory details?

A sensory language is a form of writing that describe how we experience the world using our senses: touch, smell, taste, feel, see or hear. For example, you want to craft an awesome headline that people will want to click and read your article. Ok, your blog is about recipes and you wrote a cooking recipe. In order to appear higher in search engines, Google will check if users click your link when they see it in the search results. Using this technique you will make the reader want to click on your headline. Let’s get back to our headline. Instead of writing:

How to prepare green tea!

…you should use sensory words and make your headline more appealing:

How to prepare fresh and aromatic green tea!  

You’ve got the point?

Let’s make another example with sensory words related to sight. Sensory language related to sight can be very helpful when crafting your content. You may use words like gigantic, fine, smooth, soft, etc. How this headline sounds to you:

5 tips that will drive gigantic amounts of traffic to your site! 

Awesome huh? Is 10 times better than How to increase traffic! Sensory language is an art and best internet marketers know how to implement it.

Sensory details are used in any great story, literary or not. Think about your favorite movie or video game. What types of sounds and images are used? What do your favorite characters taste, smell, and touch? Without sensory details, stories would fail to come to life. Running a travel or fashion blog, if yes then use sensory details to make the reader to personally experience what you’ve experienced (how do you fell in that clothes or what impressed you about that place).

Another note about sensory details: there is no one sense that’s more important than another. It all depends on the scene you’re trying to create. However, imagery, the sight sense, is a common feature in vivid writing.

My recommendation is to create a list of sensory words you can use based on your website topic. For example, for a website wich topic is food then sensory words like zesty, tantalizing, sweet, stinky, stale will work better than good, bad or nice. Sight and motion sensory phrases will work awesome for a business website.

I will make a list later with the best sensory details for business websites, make sure you check back again.

Sensory details will captivate your audience!

Sensory Details
Sensory Details

Yes, we all hate a bad book or blogging article. You can decide on which side you are, use the same words as everybody else or release your inner poet and pick your words with care and precision. (which results in better and more unique and engaging articles). When writing sensory details, remember to stay within the realm of the known. Fake sensory details, such as those from another planet, leave the reader unable to relate to anything they have experienced. When writing, use sensory details that people can relate to something.

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  • Jens Avatar

    Hi Marian,

    Thank you for this interesting thoughts about writing. While my financĂ© and I just started to fill our new weblog with life and to animate our readers, it is very helpful to create something which uses the imagination of the person who reads for example our diary about a roadtrip we did in the USA and – above all – the feelings we had when we visited the wild Wild West.

    Enjoy the day


    1. Bican Marian Valeriu Avatar

      Hi Jens, Thank you for dropping by. Glad that you have a perfect blogging partner. Wish you to have success.

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