How to Make Money as a Kid ? Easy ways to start earning online

How to make money as a kid with amazon

How to Make Money as a kid online ? My story about making money online started years ago, around 2011. I’ve had a dream – to make money since I was a kid, to help my parents and hopefully, have a better life. Everything started one day when I’ve found that you can actually make money as a kid online. I started my research about this and planned my attack. Finally, after some time I took action and bought a domain name. Read on if you want to find out what i learned and find some easy ways to make money as a kid.

Can you make money as a kid ?

The answer is YES, you can make money as a kid. But, of course, is not as easy as you think. It involves efficiently use your time and managing your computer sitting hours. Don’t expect to make huge amounts of money online but YES, there are some big names on YouTube who actually make millions online. There are many ways to make money online a kid, one of the most popular is YouTube Videos + Adsense (or in my case Amazon or other affiliate programs). It is super simple but takes time – just read this article about how kids make money online; this will give you a glimpse on how much they actually earn.

For example, some time ago, when a Google Digital Workshop guy came to my faculty to present their program, I’ve found that one kid made Millions with Youtube ? How actually that kid made huge amounts of cash online ? Well, his father filmed him while reviewing toys. His Youtube videos made millions of views and taking this into consideration with Adsense, he earned a lot of money from this program along with the affiliate programs (Amazon most likely). Is simple because is catchy, people, as well as kids, love to see this kind of videos (along with cats videos :)) )

I’m not saying it’s easy but is better to start to make money as a kid. You will have the will and power to learn new things. And believe me, online marketing is not easy as it sounds – that’s why most people fail. Making money online requires a lot of knowledge about SEO, content creation, marketing and even developing your own product or website. When young you can earn this easily.

How to make money as a teen

Best ways to earn online as a kid they way that suits you and your talent. I will show you some good ways to earn your first dollar online. This is what I used when I started my online journey.

  • Youtube + Adsense (and/or affiliate programs) – this is one of the best and easy ways to start to earn as a kid. It is free, you just open a Google Account and the start making video content for Youtube. As I said before, making reviews for toys is good. Or maybe you like gaming – open a gaming channel. You are funny, make a fun video. Apply for Adsense program and connect with your YouTube account. How can you make money ? When someone views your video, Adsense will display some ads on your video. If that person clicks on that ad you are rewarded with money (usually 0.02 to 0.30$ depending on the niche and type of ad). I’ve made a video about Gaming on Lenovo y50-70 Laptop then I shared that video on social media. After 1 week, my video went viral. In 2 months I’ve made 20.000 views (70k now). As you see, in the description I have some amazon affiliate links pointing to the laptop. This video generated 1500 clicks and sales for 2.000 $ from Amazon. I’ve made 60$ commission just with this video, starting as a joke – just posted it for fun. The video still ranks on the first page for keywords like: Lenovo y50-70 gaming or GTA IV on Lenovo y50-70. Not big amounts but definitely a place to start.How to make money as a kid with amazon
  • Sponsored Tweets – if you have a Twitter account, this is another easy way to make money as a kid. Setting up your account will only take a couple of minutes. To be eligible, an account must be at least 60 days old with 50 followers and 100 tweets sent. Sponsored Tweets will review your application, and once you’re approved you can start earning money. Basically, you send out tweets with a link to the advertiser website. If someone clicks or complete an offer you get an amount of money.
  • Online Freelancing – Another awesome way to make money since you are a kid. You have other talents: Photoshop, Logo Design, SEO or something different ? Well, whatever it is, you can earn by any of your talent by meeting desired buyers. Some top freelancing sites where you can make gigs and can get buyers rolling in are listed below: Freelancer or Fiverr.
  • Blogging – In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to make money as a kid. Start learning SEO, installing WordPress and build your website. It is also the hardest way but is the best and can give you the most. Unlike other ways, blogging needs patience, hard work and a lot of efficient thinking. People are earning even 6 figures every month. So yeah, this is the power of blogging. You need to be good in a particular niche, write quality content, promote and optimize. On your blog, you can use Adsense also, advertise others products (good affiliate platform is Clickbank or Shareasale + more).


Earning money online is not for everyone. Is hard but is better to start when you are a kid because you have that desire to know everything. And trust me, there is a lot of information you need to know before starting to make money online. If you want me to recommend you something – choose YouTube + Adsense. Is a great place to start and require zero money. Blogging is the hardest but the most profitable way to make money as a kid.


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    This is cool that teens can make money online. My teen is too busy right now but in the summer he may have more time for these.

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    This is great info for young people. They all have to know it.

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    Elizabeth O.

    Kids these days understand the internet more, which means they have a better chance at using it to their advantage. I think these are awesome suggestions!

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    I am so fascinated by these! I will tell my youngest daughter about this, hope she will earn her own money.

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    Niesha Byln

    This is nice. I never knew that kids can make it. I will recommend this to my nephew.

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    I bet my daughter would be an amazing blogger. She just started an etsy shop and is focusing though, on that.

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    i'm thinking of getting my daughter her own youtuber channel as she likes to play game and record it. would be cool if she earns from adsense


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